Our Story

Mathew Bonnici is a third generation butcher, following his father David Bonnici and grandfather Nicolas Bonnici. His journey began from humble beginnings in the western suburbs of Melbourne where he would sit as a young child out the back of his father's butcher shop, perched on the old butchers block. Mathew would watch intently as his daddy created beautiful products, such as his grandfather Nicolas' famous family Maltese sausages - a customer favourite that Mathew and his father still make to this day, along with the sweet blood sausage Mazzit.

 Nicolas Bonnici 

After completing his apprenticeship and working for his father for several years, an opportunity arose for Mathew to start his next journey as a butcher and own his own shop. Situated just down the road from the historic Newmarket Sale Yards, 308 Racecourse Rd Flemington Victoria would become Mathew's new home.

This shop has been a European style butcher for over 50 years. Mathew not only respects his own family's and the shop's European heritage, but is constantly developing his skills and relationships with farmers and producers to bring his customers the highest quality artisan experience.

The Bonnici family are extremely passionate butchers whose love and commitment to the craft of butchery is second to none.