Brave Hen Pasture Raised Eggs 750 g

Brave Hen Pasture Raised Eggs 750 g

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3 Bears Farm are on a mission to provide customers with top quality, ethically produced food, no exception.

While many people believe ‘free-range’ is all about hens enjoying a natural life free to roam, the reality is that stocking density dictates the label. For example, free-range egg farms can keep a maximum of 10,000 laying hens per hectare, which equates to one hen per square metre and there’s nothing particularly free about that! 

In comparison pastured egg hens enjoy a maximum stocking density of to 1,500 hens per hectare (7 square meters per bird). These happy chooks also get plenty of access to fresh air, sunlight and all the bugs and insects they can find.

On 3 Bears Farm stocking density is even lower and better still, ‘Brave Hen’ ladies play a massive role in their regenerative agriculture journey. This means they continuously move their mobile chicken caravan home every few days so they continue to get access to fresh ground, lots of bugs and in return they poop all over the paddocks improving the pasture.

This results in a better life for the hens and tastier healthier eggs for you…..YUM!