Grass Fed Beef Sirloin / Porterhouse Steak

Grass Fed Beef Sirloin / Porterhouse Steak

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When it comes to meaty, beefy flavour the sirloin / porterhouse steak is king.
This is the perfect steak to combine with big flavours or strong sauces.

Our thick, juicy sirloin steak has just the right amount of marbling and a layer of buttery fat along the side which renders down when cooking. Creating the melt in the mouth texture and full, robust flavour you expect from this type of steak.

Cut from the large back muscle, directly above and around the fillet, they are the perfect balance of fattiness, tenderness and flavour.

Best cooked medium or medium rare and then rested properly to ensure tenderness. A well-prepared sirloin steak is one of life's great pleasures - why not treat yourself?